Disposable Battery Electronic Man Shaver/safe Blade Back Hair

Back Hair shaver for men

Shave / August 31, 2018

My first Mangroomer lasted over 10 years and I used it at least once a month. Not only on my back but any other part of my body that needed it. The only reason I bought a new one is because the motor quit. The unit is built well yet I was able to disassemble it to determine the problem. New motors are hard to come by and almost expensive as a new unit. It has a "snap together" construction which is very durable. The blades stayed sharp after 10 plus years of use, and I have thick hair. The angle and reach adjustments are perfect. I never missed a spot on my back. You must trim before the hair gets over 1/4 of an inch or it will pull a little and may cause the motor to slow down a bit. Use alkaline batteries only. They will last about an hour but the unit will still work well on medium to low battery power. Still worth every penny. Cuts almost as close as a blade. Definitely closer than a clipper. Well worth the money and you do not need the help of your spouse, lover, or friend to do it. The creator of this product is a genius!!! I used to use a razor affixed to a homemade handle which worked well but the Mangroomer is faster since you do not need soap or cream. Just clean, dry skin and happy grooming! Follow use & care instructions EXACTLY! I love it!!

Source: www.ebay.com