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Faq / February 29, 2020

Guys, we live in the 21st century. We are no longer growing body hair for warmth. We have invented fancy coats and warm blankets for that. In fact, as a species, we have overwhelming decided that we want little to do with body hair. Yeah sure, we may still grow stellar beards we anoint with oil and rarely are we taking a blade to our legs unless we are Olympic swimmers, but as a society, most of us do *something* regularly to remove hair from our bodies.

Keeping that in mind, as we move into summer, this trend spikes high as clothing comes off. Bushy armpits stink and catch deodorant balls (gross); chests we’ve been pumping are hidden under layers of fuzzy fur. And really, if we have the trimmers out, we might as well keep on heading south, you know? Women aren’t the only ones striping their hair down there. Guys, we have all heard the saying that your member gets a boost if you trim around it, right?

So we have gathered the five best tools out on the market right now that will do everything from trim fuzzy fly-aways to take your hair down there to bare. Don’t worry, we’re not sending you out in the jungle with just a machete to whack the wood, we have tips for each step along the way.