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Shave / January 26, 2018

bakblade customer reviewBakBlade is a long handled shaver with a unique blade designed for cutting back hair without cutting yourself. A major problem with shaving your back is not being able to see where you're shaving very well.

BakBlade Details

With the safety blade, BakBlade uses ​you'll cover a large 4" inch section of your back with each stroke. You can use it wet or dry so go ahead and jump in the shower! You don't need shaving cream when using BakBlade.

Gives a silky smooth shave compared to electrical shavers. ​You can reach the hardest areas with the super long handle and it's available in multiple colors.

Overall Value

This product is slightly high for what it's made of and its design. However, that doesn't stop it from being the most effective product to shave back hair. Because of its effectiveness, it has landed in our most recommended spot.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Mangroomer was one of the earlier inceptions of a long handled shaver for shaving back hair. It's an electric shaver so you won't get the silky smooth shave but if you prefer an electric device this is a good one.

Mangroomer Details

The Mangroomer is one of the only electric shavers designed specifically to shave back hair. If you have extra thick hair it's equipped with a boost button for extra cutting power.

The shaving area is roughly 2" inches.​ The shaver can be adjusted at different degrees. This makes it easier to adjust for different shaving angles.

For an electric shaver, this comes in at an alright value. There are different versions of the Mangroomer which make them harder to compare but overall it's a decent product. It does what it's designed to do well and the user experience is good.

mangroomer back shaverMangroomer DIY Back Shaver

The Mangroomer DIY version is very similar to the ultimate but a more base version. It's like buying the base model of a car instead of the one with the bells and whistles. Just on an electric shaver level. If you like the Mangroomer but are more on a budget this might be the better alternative for you.

Mangroomer DIY Details

The Mangroomer DIY comes with an extendable handle that can be angled for hard to reach areas. The shaver head is roughly 2" inches of coverage and will give a close shave but not silky smooth like a razor blade.

The shaver can fold up for easy storage. It does lack the quick charge and boost mode from the Ultimate version.​

What Others are Saying

There's a mixture of positive and negative reviews with the Mangroomer DIY version. We mostly believe the negative reviews are from the device being lower end. It's lower end but the price reflects that.

I would only go for the DIY version over the Ultimate if you're on an extremely tight budget. You'll get some of the same features as the Ultimate but the overall quality here is admittedly lower. It's still a good choice for those on a budget.

mangroomer customer reviewRazorba Back Hair Shaver

The Razorba back hair shaver is basically a handle extension for your cartridge razor. You should own a good body razor to use with this device. This is not a shaver itself but a tool to assist your razor. It's literally an extension for your shaver.

Razorba Details

This is a solid plastic utility tool for shaving your back. It works with Gillette and other disposable or cartridge razors. It doesn't require batteries or charging to use.

It's a minimalist tool​ that's very affordable. If you want a simple solution that will work with razors you most likely already have at home this would make a good fit.

This is a great minimalist tool that's simple and easy to use. Those characteristics are what are a lot of people are looking for. Something that will just solve the problem it needs to solve without additional unwanted features. This can be used with your current cartridge razor and it's very affordable.

Bro Shaver Back Hair Removal

Bro Shaver is similar to our most recommended back shaver the BakShaver. Except this product used double edge razor blades. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the person using it.

back hair shavingBro Shaver Details

This back shaver device is a long handled shaver that uses DE razor blades. Because it can use any range of razor blades is why it falls last in our recommendation. You can get really aggressive razor blades or very soft ones which will change the effectiveness of this device.

It makes the quality of your shave ever changing. Plus with these kind of blades you have to keep them at a certain angle so it makes shaving with the Bro Shaver a little more difficult as well.

The Bro Shaver is priced well and functions well. The fallback is using DE razor blades. If you're an experienced wet shaver this may be the better option out of them all but for most people, it won't be. It's still a very good product and if you're willing to learn to use it it'll be one of the best back shavers.

Permanent Back Hair Removal

If you're looking for a more permanent solution you'll need to look into laser hair removal. With laser hair removal you will eventually stop growing hair on the treated area. There's not really any other permanent back hair removal options.

Optionally, you can also go with a long lasting solution like back waxing or use a back hair removal cream.​

Back Hair Removal Cream

Back hair removal cream will last a bit longer than shaving but not as long as waxing. Depending on your genetic and how quickly you naturally grow hair will affect the length of your results. This is true for any hair removal effort.

These creams tend to have an unpleasant smell. If you have sensitive skin creams may not be the best solution. They tend to have harsher chemicals in them and may cause skin discomfort.​

It's an ideal solution for back hair removal at home. If you don't want to go get waxing done and have someone you don't know touching your back it's another bonus to go with Nads.​

Lower Back Hair Patch

If your main issue is the lower back hair patch then you may want to consider sticking with a shaving solution. The lower back hair patch even affects women and it's mostly a cosmetic issue that they're worried about.

It's often not even noticeable to people unless pointed out.​ Make sure you're just not over worried about something that's not a major problem. We often make things worse in our heads than it really is.

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