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Beard Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser / July 18, 2021

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Laser Hair Removal

Since I began reporting on this topic in 1995, there has been considerable interest and considerable trial and error in the field of laser hair removal. Originally touted as a "miracle cure" by some, it was almost impossible for it to live up to its hype. In the following years, it's become evident that laser hair removal can be very beneficial for some consumers and completely worthless for others.

What started as a small section of my site for TSs was getting so much mail that I opened up a second site for the general market. Most of the information now resides on hairfacts, but I will have TS-specific information available here.

As I have been saying since 1995, I am not anti-laser. I am simply pro-results. I suspect some day they'll figure it out. The burden of proof is on laser companies. My position is as unbiased as possible: I simply require proof of permanent and safe results before recommending lasers. That is the only criterion I consider important

Permanent hair removal is one of less than half a dozen things essential for most MTFs. Consumers or marketers who make unsubstantiated claims may be well-intentioned, but they do a disservice to our community by confusing the issue and causing people to make purchasing decisions based on false information.

Adding to the confusion is that some lasers are allowed to claim they achieve permanent hair reduction. I discuss this at length on hairfacts.

TS facial hair removal is extremely difficult to achieve without damaging surrounding skin, and some lasers and practitioners are better than others. It is vital that consumers understand as much as possible before committing to an expensive course of treatment.

Using lasers to supplement electrolysis

Some TS women have found this a helpful way to get dark facial hair under control.

Anyone considering this should meet the following qualifications:

Have a fair skin type and dark hair

Be willing to lose time and money if it's not as effective as you hope it will be.

If the goal is to get the face under control, it seems smarter to put money into a permanent solution rather than a possible stopgap measure. However, getting hit with a laser is probably smarter than going full-time before doing anything.

Is laser a cost-effective way to clear a face prior to electrolysis? Laser treatment prices have been dropping precipitously as they are now being sold to anyone with the money to buy one.

It's alomost certainly better than plucking in terms of damaging follicles and causing ingrowns (not to mention pain).

My recommendations are always based on what I feel is the safest route, and I think lasers were rushed to market without adequate testing, leaving consumers paying to be guinea pigs.

This outlines the basic arguments. I personally recommend doing electrolysis exclusively, but for those considering supplementing electrolysis with laser, please read the section...

Source: www.tsroadmap.com