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Laser / December 13, 2020

laser-hair-loss-for-menIt was not too long ago when the traditional means of treating Hair Loss only involved changes in a person’s Lifestyle, Healthy Diet, Refraining from applying external pressures on the Scalp as a result of Overstyling, taking in or applying Medications that address the issue of balding, and even an invasive procedure such as Surgery.

Nowadays, thanks to the advancement in technology, an additional method of treating Hair Loss was developed that is neither invasive nor require massive changes in lifestyle – the Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). LLLT is the technology behind Laser Combs and Helmets.

To date, the Low-level Laser Therapy puts itself as one of most advanced means of treating Hair Loss, which helps Men and Women who suffer balding get better hair growths again.

Continued usage of this treatment results to the prevention of further Hair Loss to as much as 90% of the overall patient it was tested on and promotes Hair Re-growth to approximately 50% of patients who are composed of Men and Women.

Home-Hair-Growth-Renewing-LaserPrice: $$$ Rating: 3.3 out of 5

Hair Max Laser Band 82 is a FDA-approved medical product/device that possesses therapeutic light energy that will help you rush-up the growth of your hair strands.

This device cures hair loss by just using it three times a week with only 90 seconds as its duration.

The users of this device experienced a massive amount of hair growth after using this; 129 hair strands per square inches.

You can say that this one safe because it has no LED lights in it and purely light technology to regrow hair and thickens it until your hair becomes more beautiful than ever.

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Price: $$$ Rating: 3.95 of 5

Similar as to the previous, but instead of having only 7 lasers in it as its name implies, the HairMax Professional 12 Laser Comb is another FDA-Approved Laser Product from Hairmax that has 12 individual lasers that help maintain a Healthy Scalp and promotes Hair Growth.

HairMax-Lux-9-LaserCombPrice: $$$ Rating: ?

Delivering an infrared “Heat” per every use of this Low-level Laser Therapy hairbrush, Lifemax Infrared Massage Hairbrush ensures a good blood circulation to the head and scalp making it ideal for Hair Growth.

More than just keeping the hair neat per every comb, it also features the ability to massage the scalp at the user’s whim.

Set at a price that anyone can easily afford, Lifemax Infrared Massage Hairbrush is every household’s Hair Loss treatment while at home.

10. Home Hair Growth Renewing Laser

What is better than a 12-laser Low-level Laser Therapy comb? One with many more Lasers, of course.

With 21 individual lasers working hand-in-hand in maintaining a healthy scalp and hair growth, Home Hair Growth Renewing Laser is not your average Low-level Laser Therapy comb with its number of lasers at its disposal.

power-grow-laser-combUtilizing the powers of 21 lasers, its every use activates the Hair Follicles for re-growth, prevents further hair loss for 85% of the overall users tested with the product, improves blood circulation on the scalp by as much as 54% on first try, improves the quality of the hair in terms of volume, shininess, and thickness, in addition to a noticeable hair growth after 12 weeks of consistent usage.

Just as when 7 lasers were not enough for one’s hair scalp needs and buying a 12-laser one is a little out of the budget, HairMax Lux 9 LaserComb’s 9-laser technology gives you the same benefits of a 7-laser Low-level Laser Therapy comb, only a little better.

Using advanced technological designs such as having a LCD screen which indicates battery life as well as the duration of treatment time powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

HairMax Lux 9 LaserComb is a state-of-the-art piece of technology you can easily use at home.

12. Power Grow Hair Loss Laser Treatment Comb

Utilizing both the powers of Blue and Red light coming from lasers, Power Grow Hair Loss Laser Treatment Comb stimulates the underlying structures of the scalp while also regenerating the hairs’ surface.

With the scalp made healthy through good blood circulation, hair follicles are nourished and are able to go thicker.

With scientific studies in its back up, it has been found that the synergistic effect of the three beams in addition to massage improves the hairs’ strength and even prevent further hair losses.

13. Laser Cap GrivaMax Pro 272 Laser Diode 650nm

Price: $$$ Rating: ???

Laser Cap GrivaMax Pro 272 Laser Diode is a FDA-cleared hair growing device that is very good for men and women.

This device possesses Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) which is responsible on the rapid growth of the hair strands.

Just like the product above, the Low-Level Light Technology has the ability to fasten the growth of hair without damaging your scalp and other part of your head.

This device uses Minoxidil which is a drug that can also help grow hair strands back to normal.

So with the combination powers that Laser Cap GrivaMax Pro 272 has, the hair strands wills surely grow in no time.