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Best Back Hair Trimmers

Faq / June 26, 2019

Here's The Only Tool You Need To Keep Body Hair In Check

Manscaping has evolved into a cultural phenomenon and body hair trimmers are becoming the essential tool modern men look to make part of their grooming repertoire. Be it our pits or pubes, we’re all growing tired of the excessive fur our bodies produce. Hence why we’re seeking more practical and safer options to flaunt our hairless, non-sticky, and odor-free physiques. And there are no better tools than a body hair trimmer to get the job done.

The 40-Year Old Virgin taught us the brutally painful side of body waxing. Then there are laser hair removal treatments, which can bleed out your wallet faster than an alimony check. Your smartest and most cost-efficient move is to invest in one of these electronic body groomers. So when shopping for one, consider these deal-breakers:

  • Accessories: To accommodate shaving every form of body hair, fancy a trimmer with several comb attachments. You might even luck out and score some cool extras like cleaning oil or a micro-brush for blade maintenance.
  • Blade quality: Hypoallergenic foil and stainless rounded blades are proven to give the cleanest and smoothest shaves. Make sure one or the other is present before adding a body hair trimmer to your shopping cart.
  • Cord vs. cordless: At-home manscapers get more bang for their buck from a wired trimmer, while on-the-go groomists benefit more from cutting the cord.
  • Hair length settings: The entire male population doesn’t share the same hair profile. Any trimmer with built-in options to manage distinctive body threads works to your benefit.
  • Overall design: So many factors fall into this category. Favor means such as durable casing, full-charge completion, flexible heads, retractable handles, and wet/dry use.
  • Warranty: Most manufacturers present anywhere between three months to one-year warranties. Obviously, the best buy is the one offering the longest insurance policy.

Seems a little more intricate than shopping for a hair clipper per say. So let’s get you familiar with the tools of the trade. Achieve the optimal inch by investing in the best body hair trimmers on the grooming block.

But First, Know Your Target Zones

Body hair trimmers aren’t machines built for one task. Versatility is what you need and these all-around groomers make certain you leave most of the body looking and feeling less hairy. Hair follicles grow just about every inch of the body. And with genetics dictating how much of it we grow, and where, it’s on you to determine where to start trimming. Start by studying these major hotspots:

  • Arms: Shaving your arms is a body hair don’t. Trimming on the other hand is acceptable, but cutting all the way down isn’t necessary for shorter arm hair will barely show itself.
  • Back and shoulders: It’s cliché to say hair in either area is gross. An adjustable trimmer with a long handle can rid you of all aggravated fuzz.
  • Balls: Practice patience and precaution, for most blood-related accidents down there occur when exercising grooming tactics. Keep it taught and use the attachments to trim as short as possible without mowing over your scrotum.
  • Chest: Depending on volume, you won’t win any style points. Go against the grain and be sure to move all the way down.
  • Ears and nose: Two of the most annoying areas to tackle, utilize the mini-attachments bundled with your trimmer to eliminate pesky hairs sticking out in awkward spots.
  • Legs: Doesn’t hurt to keep some on here, though if desired, a little buzz helps eliminate fluff.
  • Underarms: Most men prefer to keep some hair underneath there. So trim to a length that’s slightly less than other areas for it just looks more masculine.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100

Amazon reviews will say nothing compares to the Bodygroom 7100. However, it’s expert reviews that keeps it atop of the throne. Philips designed this exclusively for men, mandating full-on manscaping with a 3D pivoting head that contours across the entire body and dual-sided blades infused with premium foil to capture loose hair without damaging skin. Select from five built-in length options to tackle everything from curly chest hairs to your bird's nest. The built-in trimming comb is a sweet bonus proficient enough to shear through thick patches effortlessly. Overall, it’s a head-to-toe body styler that has won over consumers by a massive margin and worthy of occupying space in any grooming cabinet.