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Cost of Full Face Laser Hair Removal

Laser / December 31, 2021

Laser Hair Removal Pricing GuideHair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures, as virtually every person has some amount of pesky, unwanted hair that they would like permanently removed.

The procedure rose to popularity in the mid 90's, once the technology was publicly available, and has stayed a powerhouse procedure in the aesthetic and dermatological fields ever since.

Most medical spas and aesthetic practices have a solution for hair removal, and even the smallest markets in the US typically have at least one or two practices offering treatments.

We won't lie โ€“ the hair removal space is competitive.Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatments Yet, it is still a very profitable procedure for practices, as there is high demand for the service and patients are willing to pay for smooth skin. Hair removal treatments have been around long enough that there is high public awareness of the procedure and of its efficacy.

Everyone expects medical spas and laser clinics to offer hair removal services, but it's a surprising fact that laser tattoo removal specialty practices often receive a significant amount of their revenue from hair removal treatments as well. The largest tattoo removal clinic chain in the country makes about 20% of its revenue from hair removal, despite having a brand strongly centered around laser tattoo removal. Just by cross-marketing the procedure to existing patients, they are able to offer a valuable service to their loyal clients and increase practice revenue.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing StandardsIt's for this reason โ€“ and the demand from our existing clients โ€“ that Astanza has developed a system for advanced hair removal treatments.

The Liberty, which is safe for use on all skin types, features larger spot sizes for faster treatments and higher fluence levels for effective results. The state-of-the-art platform is a versatile and productive workhorse platform for aesthetic practices looking to diversify their service offerings.

When introducing new hair removal capabilities to your practice, you may be unsure of the pricing standards you should set.How to Price Laser Hair Removal.jpg Unfortunately, a local competitive analysis may be less than fruitful, as many hair removal providers do not publicly post their pricing.

This article is designed to help businesses looking to add hair removal to their practice be competitive yet confident in their pricing structure. Weโ€™ve conducted research of over 50 different hair removal providers across the United States to give you perspective on how to structure your pricing for this procedure. We studied large and small markets, practices of different types, and popular promotion styles.

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