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Does Waxing make Hair grow Back darker

Wax / July 22, 2018

Hi. I do understand your concern and desire to have smooth skin. There are a variety of methods available and deem successful. The issue with keeping skin smooth are the commitment level, price point and pain tolerance.

Each hair is supported by one follicle and growth starts underneath the skin. This is a valuable point because there are plenty of myths plaguing our thought processes. Each hair follicle holds one hair strand. Many have asked the question concerning the growth the hair returns and the color? Pigments and texture can certainly change but not regularly.

Does your friend notice color changes because it is something that is paid attention to (annoyance, stubble, sunlight on the spot, feels hard)? Hairs tend to grow in according to the life cycle and age brackets. Baby fine lanugo hairs will feel different than a mature individual.

Types of hair removal methods.

1) depilatory creams: These creams melt the hair and are wiped off after the melting action happens. A chemical.

2)Waxing: A substance usually heated to a comfortable temperature, applied to an area of choice, and after removed with strips or full pieces of approved fabric strips. It does produce pain.

3) Electrolysis: A machine operated device. Removes hair by injecting an area with a needle. Services will be performed by an esthetician or certified dermatology specialist. It does produce pain. This service has been replace with laser hair reduction.

4)Laser hair reduction: A machine operated device based on a laser system. Requires treatments. Each treatment and thereafter, the hair will show a significant level of reduction. Deciding to use laser reduction treatments should be a process that understands that you could burn, altered pigmentation could happen and it is pricey.