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Laser / March 25, 2022

My experience with electrolysis at Corlase has been unparalleled. Dana is highly skilled, caring, and honest - I trust her assessment of my skin and know she my best interests, not my wallet, in mind. I walk out with minimal skin irritation (if any) and NO scars, pits, etc. I highly recommend Corlase for permanent hair removal.

Monica, NC

CorLase has given me a true feeling of comfort and confidence. Not only has Dana made me feel good about my hair removal decision, the environment in her practice makes my sessions very pleasureable. I am glad I choose CorLase for my hair removal and skin treatments.

Denise Whitley, Raleigh, NC

Without hesitation I would refer anyone interested in laser hair removal to chose Dana Begley of Corlase. It seems everyone is offering laser hair removal from dermatology offices to plastic surgeons. I have been a guinea pig and tried several laser hair removal clinics in this area and am SO grateful I found Dana Begly. I can tell you what I learned (by trial and error) to look for in order of priority:
  • 1. I know now to ask myself... how likely is it that this person is going to burn my skin? How experienced are they? How good is their laser machine? Are they certified? How stringent is his/her certification? And if you are wondering, of course you can get burned, that's why you sign a waiver at any place you go.
  • 2. How much will it hurt?
  • 3. How expensive is it and will your money spent get results?
  • 4. Getting treatments is rather (understatement) embarrassing... I ask myself, does this person have any clue or compassion for how vulnerable clients are emotionally both by the embarrassment of having the treatments but also by what they've gone through that made them seek laser hair removal in the first place. In other words, does the person understand that a woman in our western society with more hair than eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe some hair on her head is basically scorned as unfeminine and walks into the office with a lot of baggage?
I am not leaving my real name for privacy purposes but Dana has my permission to give out my first name and phone number if anyone wants to verify this testimonial.