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Hair Growing on my Back

Faq / August 23, 2022

Starting a few months ago, every magazine you opened, there was a picture of a celebrity who had chopped her hair off into a cute “lob” cut. From Hilary Duff to Minka Kelly, ladies known for having gorgeous long locks were chopping their length off for when the hot summer months rolled in. In my opinion, I thought they all looked even better with shorter hair so, of course, I got this idea that I too should chop my hair off! I took the plunge and cut a good seven inches off my hair and they styled it in such a cute messy, curly look at the salon, I was absolutely in love with it. Well, inevitably, I had to shower and that same carefree “I woke up with gorgeous hair look” was gone…forever! No matter how hard I tried, I could not get my hair to do what it did in the salon and I found that many of my go-to styles were no longer available to me in a pinch (bye-bye, messy side braid). Instead, I was stuck with basically one straight-ish style that was ok but not like I had envisioned. I wanted my long hair back STAT but also knew I had to change up some of my routine in order to make it healthier too. While I will admit there is no magic pill for perfect locks, I did find a number of things that worked pretty well. Below are my tips for you to try!

It Starts in the Shower: First and foremost, stop washing your hair all the time! Two to three times a week is plenty and that’s why they created dry shampoo for ‘day two’ hair and hats and cute up-do’s for ‘day three’ hair. Less washing also means less heat damage from drying and styling tools, which is a huge blessing for those growing their hair out and trying to keep it healthy. Also, pay attention to the shampoo and conditioners you are using. Great hair starts at the scalp and that’s why I like L’Oreal EverStrong Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. It is sulfate-free so it’s gentle on my hair and scalp and has ingredients in it to strengthen my hair, not to mention it also adds body. Even better, it’s about $7 for each!

My Diet: I started incorporating even more “good” fats into my diet. Eggs, nuts, avocados and coconut oil were key staples. I also dramatically increased the amount of water I drank. My goal is to drink two liters a day. I am not quite there yet every day but I am getting closer and I have also limited my caffeine intake a lot.

Supplements: There is no magic pill, as I stated, that will give you thick and long hair overnight but I have found some things that have real benefits. First, make sure you are taking a daily multi-vitamin. I also take Omega 369 supplements and Zinc. I started taking Viviscal about two months ago and have noticed that my hair sheds less and seems to be growing a bit faster than normal. It could be a combination of the other things aiding to the growth and strength of my hair but, at the very least, I would say this isn’t hurting the progress.

Products: As I previously mentioned, I think the trick to growing out your hair faster and thicker starts at the scalp. I purchased Phyto Revitalizing Serum Scalp Treatment and really loved it! It helps with micro-circulation to help provide a healthy environment for new growth and is also chock full of essential scalp and hair nutrients. You use one vial on your scalp one time per week for three months and I was really impressed! The lady that does my hair even said she saw a dramatic increase of new growth starting!

Styling: Try to use the least amount of heat on your hair as possible and always make sure to use a heat protector. I really like Kerastase Chroma Thermique which is a thermo-protective, anti-fading, leave-in treatment for color treated hair. Another good heat protector that is a great price too is L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray (only $6.99…sweet!). I also let my hair air dry about 85% naturally before sectioning it and blow drying it straight with a round brush.

Styling: Splurge | Steal

Coloring: Roots are in so ease up on your coloring schedule. I usually go in every 10 weeks now (instead of my usual six to eight weeks) and also, every other time I go, I skip the permanent color and just do a glaze. I no longer do highlights but instead do Biolage, which is where the colorist hand paints sections of your hair, usually starting two to three inches from your roots. Less hair is bleached and, since it is already painted in a way that makes it look grown out, I usually only get it done every four months. I really hope these tips and tricks help! Please use the comment section to share your tips too!

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