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Home Laser Hair Removal Device

Faq / June 24, 2021

Laser hair removal machines emit pulses of light energy to deactivate the root of your hair. Once the root is deactivated, that hair follicle will no longer grow.

It is the most efficient and relatively painless method for removing unwanted hair in comparison to other contemporary treatments like waxing, plucking, and shaving.

Long term treatment is also more beneficial. Shaving causes hair to be wiry, thick, and itchy (just thinking about it makes me want to scratch my legs!). With laser or IPL however, hair that grows back will be fewer and finer than before–the direct opposite of shaving.

All in all, pretty sweet deal. 🙂

How do at-home machines it work? Pros and cons compared to professional laser hair removal?

The at-home devices above are smaller and more portable versions of certain hair removal machines used by professional clinics worldwide.

Achieving optimum results, however, require multiple treatments over a period of time. Having your very own device is going to save you thousands of dollars in treatments. It will also be convenient because you can do it at home anytime you want.

As with any DIY treatment, there will be limitations. Even if you have the best home hair laser removal machine, there are areas in the face and body where only a trained professional is (and should be) allowed to use laser on due to safety reasons. This includes in between the eyebrows (Don’t risk damaging your eyes because of a unibrow!), the genital area, and other potentially problematic areas. Having it professionally done ensures safety in all aspects. At home, you’ll have to learn how to use the device properly and under what circumstances it can and can’t be used.

If this is your first foray into laser hair removal, no worries because we’ve got you covered. 🙂 The basics of what you need to know are enumerated below.

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Is laser hair removal permanent?

These machines are designed to break the cycle of hair growth. The laser or light energy will disable the root of your hair until it naturally falls out. However, as part of your body’s normal physiology, your hair will grow again.

One of the great things about laser treatment though is, unlike shaving or waxing, the hair growing back will be fewer and finer than before. And with continuous treatments, the results will be permanent hair reduction.

Source: healthybeautiful.com