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Remove Back Hair

Hair Removal / May 1, 2019

Back hair removal

Photo: George Wright(Getty Images)

While you can have chest hair and not be socially stigmatized, just overlooked by some girls, there is absolutely no excuse for having back hair! And it really doesn’t matter if you just have a few strains of hair back there or if you look like Borat’s sidekick, it’s the 21st century and a smooth back is a must. Just because you’re a Big Foot enthusiast and spend your days in the woods filming your buddy in a gorilla suit that doesn’t mean you should look like the made u…mythical creature you pursue.

There you go, that’s the main question answered right off the bat, maybe it’s not something you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. Everything else is open to interpretation, but your back needs to be smooth, as girls like to run their fingers through guys’ hair but not on their backs. If you don’t believe us just ask your girlfriend… oh that’s right, you don’t have one.

Razor shaving

First thought every guy has when it comes to hair removal is to grab the razor and start shaving off things. But not only is that highly impractical for backs, especially if you’re buffed even the slightest, but it can be dangerous as you could cut your moles. So leave the razor for things you can actually see in the mirror without applying for the Cirque de Solei contortionist school.


The easiest way to battle hairs on whichever body part is a quality trimmer, and while it can be utilized on your back, it’s not without risk also. If you have any big sensitive moles, or if you’re as hairy as guys in these photos it’s not going to work for you as you won’t be able to reach all the spots. Not to mention that short sharp hairs are even worse to touch than long soft ones. Trimmer is the best choice if you don’t have time for a complete treatment but want to get rid of the hairs sticking from the upper end of your shirt.

Photo: chrisjo (Getty Images)

There is a number of cream-based products in your local store that vaporizes the proteins in hair and dissolves it, and they are quite cheap. For just about $10 to $20 and after just five minutes you can have a smooth back, as you just wipe the cream off with a towel after the said time. But this cannot seem like a sensible idea to anyone as you’re chemically burning your hair, and that has to do some damage to your skin also. If you really want to use your method, make sure that you do a patch test on a small area of skin and see if there’s a significant reaction on your skin.

Laser treatment

The laser light energy can penetrate the hair shaft and kill the hair root, not the follicle, though, so the hair can still grow out but it is highly unlikely. So the effects of laser hair removal last pretty long, the treatment takes up to 30 minutes and you’ll need up to eight treatments. This is logically a pretty pricey method and one that doesn’t make sense for those who don’t have a jungle on their back.


You could buy waxing strips at the store and employ someone to take care of your problem for you, but that will probably just result in you hating that person forever for the pain they caused and the results might not be that great. It’s better to go to a professional salon and hate the person working there, and you will hate her, as waxing is like taking a huge bandaid off your back. In a beauty salon, the beautician will know how to wax properly and they will also provide you with the powder or cream to put on the waxed area so it doesn’t get irritated. At the end of the day, this is by far the best option.