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Faq / July 2, 2021

I used the Giraffe Bath Razor Extension at the end of my pregnancy as well as during recovery from my c-section. I had a hard time shaving even when I could put my leg up on the edge of the bathtub but this product made it much easier to shave regularly. It was also essential during recovery from my c-section since I needed help with so many other things; it was nice to have some freedom in the shower. I found that I didn't need all of the features (the 90 degree bend or further extension) but held the handle towards the bottom of the extension for a sturdier grip. At times it felt like the razor handle wobbled a bit when I held it farther way from the razor. I used it with the Schick Hydro and it fit perfectly but it also comes with an attachment for a smaller razor handle. However, it still made it easier to shave the back of my legs with the extension and I didn't end up with any nicks. I am 5'5″ so I did not need the full extension but I can see how it could be beneficial for taller individuals or if you had less space (as Giraffe Bath markets their product). Since I didn't find a few of the features necessary, I don't know that I would definitely purchase the item myself but it would make a great baby shower gift and I will happily continue to use it and recommend the product.

I started using the Giraffe to shave my legs as my twin baby bump really started to grow. By now – at 28 weeks- bending over has gotten nearly impossible. The Giraffe is a great idea- a long arm for a razor which means you don’t need to bend nearly as far. My razor fits snuggly in the attachment and set up is pretty straightforward. The Giraffe has a simple cord which makes it easy to hang in the shower. I got a pretty decent shave with the Giraffe. It wasn’t nearly as precise as I would have liked, but not sure shaving without the Giraffe and in my current state would make that better. I would like to see the Giraffe stabilized a bit; putting any tool in a holder/on an arm makes it harder to control. Overall a good product for moms-to-be who want to keep a smooth-ish leg.

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The Giraffe Bath Razor Extension Handle promises to help women with physical challenges shave their legs in a safe and efficient manner. Being in my third trimester, everyday tasks and routines are made a bit more challenging due to my growing “bump.” The Giraffe Extension extends the traditional razor which didn't force me to have to bend over to reach my lower legs. The Giraffe Extension comes with two adapters that are meant to fit a variety of razors. For my Venus razor, I had to use the larger adaptor. It was easy to snap on and it was easy to fit the razor into the adaptor. The Giraffe Extension also has a pivoting head that can be set at specific angles to help you reach. The Giraffe Extension did extend my razor. It was definitely less cumbersome to reach my lower shins. However, I don't feel that my razor was secure in the adaptor. There was some wobbly movement. It was hard to gauge how much pressure to apply to get a close shave since I was gripping the extension handle and not the razor itself. I think the Giraffe Extension is a great idea for someone who has a lifelong physical challenge and finds shaving difficult. However, since my “bump” is short-term, I'm not sure that I would spend the money to purchase this item for myself. I just don't feel it provided a close-enough shave.

Source: www.newmommymedia.com