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Back sack crack wax

Wax / January 18, 2019

Male grooming therapist Jack Dunn offers a range of full body and intimate waxing treatments at his North London studio. Customers can choose from options including the Brazilian, Hollywood and 'back, sac and crack' wax with Perron Rigot – one of the UK’s leading wax brands.

St James Beauty

Waxing treatments at this central London beauty salon are available to both men and women and take place after a consultation with a beauty therapist. Thanks to a choice of hot and cold waxing treatments, male clients can say goodbye to unwanted hair on areas including the back, chest, chin and neck.

Jimmy Bodur Male Grooming

Permanent and temporary hair removal treatments, including intimate male body waxing, are on offer at this sparkling salon for men. Jimmy Bodur – who was personally trained by ‘wax queen’ Kim Lawless – uses a fast waxing technique with Perron Rigot wax for the perfect finish, which is suitable for those wanting to get rid of large or small amounts of body hair.

Bibas Hair and Beauty Salon

Gentlemen in Camden who are after the full works should go to this salon. A gentle hot wax by Manifico – which is perfect for very short hair and Brazilian waxing – is used for male visitors. Men’s waxing solutions available here include boyzilians, Hollywood, Back, sac and crack and intimate waxing.

Genco Male Grooming

Nestled in four of London’s bustling areas, the stunning Genco Male Grooming salons offer strip waxing treatments for removing hair on the back and shoulders, chest, abdomen, arms and legs using high-quality wax from Lycon – which is popular in many of the UK’s leading salons.

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