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Shave / March 14, 2019

Men who struggle with unwanted back hair have few DIY solutions available. This is not an area of the body that is easy to reach on your own, whether you want to shave, wax or use topical solutions. It was this challenge that led to the invention of the Razorba back hair shaver, a simple gadget that makes is easier for men to manage unwanted back hair from the privacy of home.

What is Razorba?
The Razorba back hair shaver is a tool that is used with a standard razor to reach the hair on the back. It looks like a long handle with an attachment on the end to hold your razor. Once the razor is securely in place, the ergonomic design makes it easy for men to reach the hair on the back for removal. Razorba recommends that men use the Razorba in the shower with shaving cream or a soapy lather for better results and less irritation.

The Razorba comes in three different models; the War Hammer, Silencer and Classic. While the War Hammer appears to work with most disposable razors sold on the market today, the Silencer and Classic are somewhat more limited in the razors they can accommodate. If you prefer to use an electric razor, the War Hammer and Silencer are designed for use with the Gillette M3 Power as well. Make sure you check the holder of the Razorba before you head out to buy your razor, to ensure an accurate fit. To assist you with the application of shaving cream to the area, Razorba offers an additional tool known as the Razorba Stud Stamper applicator brush attachment.

How Much does the Razorba Cost?
The basic Razorba back hair shaver is reasonably priced, although the cost goes up significantly with the deluxe models. Currently the Classic model of the back shaver sells for about $30, while the War Hammer costs as much as $70 on the product website. Customers can also purchase multiple shavers for a discounted price, in packages of three. The War Hammer comes with a variety of features not included with the basic models, including greater razor compatibility, enhanced grip and a Super Shock Solid Core design, which is supposed to make it stronger than the Classic or Silencer.

So, Does the Razorba Work?
When you check out reviews around the Internet on the Razorba products, you find that the back shaver gets mostly positive feedback from customers who have used it. However, most find they have to shave every one to two weeks to maintain positive results. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, this tool may give you a smoother, hair-free back.

However, there are more permanent solutions in back hair removal. Laser hair removal can be done in the office of an aesthetician or physician with minimal discomfort and downtime. After two or three sessions of laser hair removal, many patients find that their back hair is gone for good. When you compare the cost of laser treatments to a Razorba back shaver, it may seem like laser treatments are too expensive to stack up. However, once you complete a few sessions of laser hair removal, you may not require any further treatments, making this approach a better value over the long haul.

In conclusion, it appears that the Razorba back hair shaver is a good option for temporary removal of back hair. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, however, professional laser hair removal is still the most viable option. To assess all your back hair removal options, you can schedule a free consultation with a licensed hair removal specialist in your area. Contact us today to arrange yours!