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Back wax aftercare

Wax / February 21, 2020

“Scrub and Rub” is our mantra when it comes to post-waxing aftercare. By this, we mean exfoliate and moisturise regularly in order to prevent those oh-so-unsightly ingrown hairs that can blight an otherwise perfectly-preened private part. After all, what’s the point in spending all that time and money finding a reputable salon and the best waxing therapist who can give you the perfect Brazilian, if you are not going to continue the care at home?

Any waxing salon worth its salt will guide you through the necessary aftercare procedures. Most will also sell the products they recommend. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the customer to disregard any advice given in salon, viewing it as a sales pitch with the sole aim of tricking them into spending more money. This could be partly due to the manner in which the aftercare advice is delivered, potentially highlighting a training issue that salon managers need to address, exacerbated by inherent skepticism on the part of the customer.

Customers are of course free to buy their aftercare products from wherever they like. But care does need to be taken that the appropriate lotions and potions are applied to the appropriate areas. For example, products containing antiseptic properties such as tea tree oil and dead sea salts are recommended to prevent any post-wax infections developing in the hair follicles. Anything highly-scented or perfumed, on the other hand, which is prevalent among moisturisers, exfoliaters and bathing products should be avoided, especially when applied to ‘intimate’ areas after a Brazilian or Hollywood wax.

  1. Moisturise the waxed area regularly, preferably with a cream containing antiseptic properties such as tea tree oil, aloe vera and witch-hazel, which will also help to alleviate any irritation. Ingrown hairs are often caused by dry or flaky skin which does not allow the hairs to grow through. If you are moisturising your intimate bits, be sure to use an appropriate cream or oil that won’t aggravate these most sensitive of areas.
  2. Exfoliate the waxed area several times a week to get rid of dead skin cells. Again, if it’s an intimate area, make sure you choose a suitable scrub that is not highly-perfumed. The exfoliator needs to be grainy enough to have an effect, but not so harsh that will irritate your skin or make it sore. In fact, over-exfoliation or the use of an unsuitable scrub will graze the skin and may actually cause ingrown hairs, rather than prevent them.
  3. Dead sea salt used as bath salts can help prevent infection as can anti-bacterial shower gels. Dead sea salt baths may sting in the first 24 hours after waxing, but could be used several times a week thereafter in the week immediately following your wax.
  4. Loofahs and exfoliating mitts can be used in the shower but these must be kept clean and dry, and should be replaced regularly. These are especially useful for men exfoliating areas such as their backs and chests after waxing. For non-intimate areas of the body, dry brushing can have a useful exfoliating effect.
  5. Some people find that rubbing antiseptic cream into the waxed area for 3 days after treatment soothes and protects the skin. Always wash your hands before applying any product.

And remember…

  • No fake tans, massages, extreme heat treatments (e.g. very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms), swimming, sunbathing (including sun beds or any other exposure to UV light) or tight clothing for 24-48 hours.
  • Try and avoid exercise for 24 hours as getting sweaty could clog the hair follicles. Do not scratch or touch the area with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid applying deodorant, anything perfumed or make-up to the waxed area for 24 hours.

Finally, in the unlikely event that your skin has not returned to normal after 24 hours, seek advice from your GP in case you have had an allergic reaction to the wax or in case an infection is developing.

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