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Best wax for slicked Back Hair

Wax / March 22, 2019

[Image: OCLJEwQ.jpg] RE: Best hair products for slicked back hairstyle

Well, Lordius, that's a very good question itself and, JaimeSpain, your mentioning of issues with hair gel for sweeping or slicking the hair back are very real, so thanks for adding your input too!

Basically what you want with for a great slicked back hairstyle is a product that lubricates the hair strands while providing hold and some movement to the hair (similar to what you'd want with a Gatsby Side Swept). For all of this, a hair pomade is the best product for slicked back hair. You may also use a light hold gel too if you still dig the crunchy gel effect of hair gel but if you want a classic slick back hairstyle, a good pomade is the best option available.

We actually looked at a similar issue in another thread where we discussed the best pomade for slicked back hair. In that thread, I talked about the two versions of the slicked back style for men: the classic slick back and the modern slick back. In both versions, a pomade was the best product, although each slicking version requires a different pomade.

This is how a classic slick back looks:

[Image: RPjHC9q.jpg]And this is how a modern slick back looks:

  • If you want the classic slicking back of your hair where the hair is held tight and fully flat without looking greasy or gel-like, then go with this particular pomade.
  • If you want the modern slicking back of your hair where the hair still has good hold but there is some movement for the hair so that the slicked back style looks more natural, then go with this other pomade.

The two pomades above will also work well for side swepts and flat side combing the hair. I recommend you to get both pomades as that will allow you for a wider range of styles and those recommended pomades have prices and great quality.

Also, if you want to style your slick back with some gel for a wet effect look that looks harder than when using pomade, then go with a firm hold hair gel that provides some shine with a wet look effect. A firm hold gel is a great product to have for any kind of hairstyle as it is very versatile since it provides just enough hold while adding a wet-like texture to the hair. For a good firm hold gel that provides a wet effect with some good shine and that is also easy to wash off in the shower, go with this hair gel. For an enhaced range of hairstyling options, get the 2 pomades above and this firm hair gel as you will b using any of these 3 products any day of the week depending on your mood.

And lastly, for any guys with curly hair reading this and who want to style their hair back, then use a hair mousse (like this ONE) and a wide tooth comb (like this ONE) as you will be very pleased with this product combination that works really well for men with curly hair of the wavy and coiled types!

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