Pomades Vs Wax Vs Gel Vs Clay | Comparing Mens Hair Products

Wax for Slicked Back Hair

Self Shaving Your Back / January 30, 2023

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Gel is a classic product, often shunned for portraying an old school “wet” look, but it’s good for guys who want an all-day hold—and don't have time to wait for their hair to dry first.

Gel is best applied on damp hair after you shower, as long as you aren't palming your mane.

To avoid the dreaded white flakes that often accompany gel, thoroughly wash your hair first and use only as much product as you need. A dime size will do. Remember, you can always add more later.

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Many pomades are water-based, so they're lightweight and wash out easily. For a slicked back look, apply to wet hair and style as desired. If you have dry hair or want a flexible hold, pomade is your ideal product.

Look for pomades with a matte finish for everyday wear, and apply it to dry hair as you would a wax.

Once you know what look you want and what products work best for your hair type, you'll only need to keep one or two products on hand to get the right style every time.

Source: www.menshealth.com