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Cost of Laser Hair Removal Brazilian

Laser / February 4, 2022

Our Unbeatable Prices

We want the freedom of unwanted hair and the lifestyle of smooth skin to be made available to everyone. So Clearstone Laser Hair Removal couples its best technology and highly qualified laser professionals with the most affordable pricing.

With the understanding that not everyone can be treated the same, Clearstone never requires the purchase of a package. Some guests may require as few as just two treatments while others may fall within the typical range of 4-7 treatments. So with us, you’ll never pay for unnecessary visits. We can further customize pricing for any treatment area or create a discounted package to best meet your preferences.

Our prices are listed per treatment per body area and are the same for every customer, no matter gender or size. If you do not see your desired treatment area, just let us know. We can treat just about any part of the body.

And only our pricing is backed by The Clearstone AdvantageSM guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Prices Per Treatment by Body Area

Underarms 50
Bikini Line 79
Bikini Plus 119
Bikini Complete (Brazilian) 139
Upper Lip 25
Chin 39
Eyebrow (center) 15
Chin/Jaw/Lip 99
Chin/Jaw/Lip/Front Neck 149
Whole Face 175
Whole Head
Nose 35
Front Neck 70
Lower Legs & Feet 150
Upper Legs 170
Whole Legs & Feet 280
Lower Legs/UA/Brazilian 269
Whole Legs/UA/Brazilian 369
Lower Arms & Hands
Whole Arms & Hands 180
Hands 45
Back of Neck
Shoulders 90
Back & Shoulders 250
Back, Lower
Back Shaving Fee 20
Chest (Pecks) 100
Abs 75
T-Shirt 350
Happy Trail
Men’s Refined
Men’s Refined Plus
Men’s Refined Complete 159

Source: clearstonespa.com