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Cost of Laser Hair Removal underarms

Laser / August 5, 2019

In my San Francisco area practice, like Dr. Reath, we have also had great success with Cutera's CoolGlide. Typically about 75% hair reduction after 3 treatments.

Find a boad certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist and discuss your options.

Good luck!

We can't speak for your area, but we can tell you that in our area, underarms can range between $40 and $200 per treatment depending on where you go. Before you make a choice based just on price, we'd like to offer a few tips.

  • The price per treatment is only one component of cost. The other is the total number of treatments, which can vary depending on the laser, practitioner and the skin type you have.
  • The permanence of the treatment depends on the type of laser used and the settings achieved. If you go to a facility that does not have the correct equipment for your skin type, or properly trained staff, you can end up having temporary results.
  • The % of hair loss depends on the type of laser used, how good a candidate you are and how good your practitioner is. If you go somewhere with improper equipment for your skin type and novice staff, you may end up with no permanent hair removal.
  • The safety of the procedures depends on the type of laser used and the experience of the practitioner. Consumers do get hurt during laser hair removal situations when improper training and equipment is used.

We encourage you to do your research and find a facility that will offer great results in a safe environment. We can almost guarantee this type of facility will not be the cheapest on the block.

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