Removal Of Hair From Bikini Line

Easiest way to Remove Back Hair

Faq / August 18, 2022

Image titled Get Rid of Back Hair Step 1Trim thick or long patches. If you have thick, dense back hair growth, this can clog the razor. Trim it down first to ensure the best results with shaving.

  • There are several ways to do this. For example, you can have your assistant cut it with a pair of scissors and a comb or use a heavy-duty set of electric clippers.

Exfoliate. Have your assistant scrub your back with warm water and a mild abrasive. You can use a shower brush, a mild body scrub, or a pumice stone — whatever you're comfortable with. This will exfoliate your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells before you shave.

  • The main benefit of this is that it reduces the chance of ingrown hairs. However, it's not strictly necessary, so you can skip this step if you're in a hurry.

If you have an electric shaver, use this first. Electric clippers aren't as good as razors for getting a close, smooth shave, but they are good at getting through a lot of hair fast. If you have a set, have your assistant go over your entire back once, giving it a rough shave.

  • You don't need to shave all the way down to the skin — just cut down on most of the "bulk." When you shave with a razor in a few steps, your work will go quicker and there will be less hair to clog the razor.

Apply the shaving cream or gel. Have your assistant apply your preferred shaving lubricant all over your back in a single layer. Whatever you normally use for your face should be fine.

  • Keep in mind that this will use a lot more lubricant than your typical face-shaving session. Make sure you have plenty before you start or you may need to make a trip to the store mid-shave.

Shave.Image titled Get Rid of Back Hair Step 2 Tell your assistant to start shaving. You'll probably want to be near a sink for this so your assistant can rinse the razor. Have your assistant apply more gel or cream as needed until your entire back is shaved.

  • To get a smooth shave without discomfort, shave your entire back once with the grain, then shave again against the grain. Shaving against the grain first can cause minor pain and irritation.

Optionally, shower. You don't need to, but this is a great way to rinse off stray hairs that can become uncomfortable when you put on your shirt. Plus, it feels great — especially if you haven't had a smooth back in a long time.

Dry off. Pat the skin dry lightly with a clean towel. Be sure to use a patting motion, not a rubbing one. Rubbing can irritate the newly-exposed, delicate skin.

  • To keep the skin smooth and supple, you may want to apply unscented lotion all over the back. Avoid scented lotions — the chemicals in these can irritate post-shave skin (especially if your assistant accidentally gave you tiny cuts or nicks).

Image titled Get Rid of Back Hair Step 3Method 2

Using Hair Removal Cream

Depilatory products (e.g., Nair, etc.) keep you hair-free a little longer than shaving, but can cause irritation in people with sensitive skin. Cream must be applied roughly once a week. This method can be done with or without an assistant.

  1. Apply some of the product to your hands or a long-handled brush. Make sure you have a way of reaching your entire back. If you're using your hands, you may want to get the help of an assistant.
  2. Evenly distribute the cream over your back. Make sure all of the hair is covered. Have an assistant help you if you're even a little worried about not being able to reach the middle of your back — you don't want to miss any spots. You don't need to vigorously rub the cream into your skin. Just apply it gently over all of your hair.
    • Wash your hands after your have applied the cream. The cream can irritate your skin if it's allowed to dry (not to mention that it will remove any hair on the backs of your hands it is allowed to work on).
  3. Let the cream sit for as long as directed. The cream's packaging will tell you how long to let it sit. Usually, this will be somewhere in the neighborhood of about three to six minutes.
    • After waiting, use a damp cloth or towel to wipe a small area of your back. If the hair does not come off easily, wait another couple of minutes.
  4. Remove the hair. When the hair comes off easily, use the damp cloth to gently wipe it off. Again, if you can't reach the center of your back, get an assistant to help.
  5. Rinse off with warm water in the shower. This is a quick, convenient way to rinse all of the cream (and the dissolved hair) off. You can rinse your back with water from a towel, but it's much easier to miss spots and allow the cream to sit for too long this way.

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