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Electrolysis Back Hair Removal

Faq / August 27, 2021

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Laser hair removal is not permanent. Electrolysis can be permanent.

Laser hair removal covers large areas much quicker. Electrolysis treats one follicle at a time.

Laser hair removal only works for dark hairs. Electrolysis is color blind.

Laser hair removal requires multiple treatment spaced apart by 4 weeks. Electrolysis kills the hair follicle upon treatment once.

Both have the potential to scar.

Laser hair removal vs electrolysis

If the hair has pigment, LHR will be better

We have had the candela gentle lase for hair removal, and also an aesthetician for electrolysis available for the last couple of years. Patients that used to get electroylsis are so mauch happier with LHR.

Laser hair removal in many patients can be almost permanent(there may be some minimal regrowth over many years requiring perhaps yearly "maintenance" tx). The more pigment the hair has the better and quicker the results will be. The energy created by the laser seeks the pigment in the "root" of the hair and heats up the follicle. Unfortunately if there is no pigment, grey or blonde hair it doesnt work.

In those patients with blond or gray hair electrolysis may be helpful. Electrolysis isnt permanent and will require maintenance tx.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

Laser hair removal is superior to electrolysis in most cases. A laser can cover large areas that are just not practical to treat with electrolysis because electrolysis is a technique that literally treats one hair at a time. On the other hand, laser hair removal requires dark brown or black hair to be effective. Therefore electrolysis is the procedure of choice for white, blonde, or grey hair.

Laser hair removal is also not precise enough to do detail work like shaping eyebrows. This is another case where I refer to my nearby electrologist.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis are both effective and permanent - when performed correctly. For thick, dark hair - on any skin type - lasers will be faster and less costly because many hairs are treated simultaneously. For fine, blond, red or gray hair, lasers will not be effective and electrolysis is a good option.

LASER hair vs electrolysis

Both laser hair removal and electrolysis can be effective treatments. Some important considerations are:

-LASER hair is much faster than electrolysis. Laser hair removal of the back can take as little as 15 minutes. Electrolysis will take at least 4 hours for this area

-Laser hair is much cheaper than electrolysis since it is much more efficient

-Electrolysis can treat blonde and white hair, laser hair removal can not

-Laser hair can only target hair in anagen phase, while electrolysis targets all hairs irregardless of phase

Both Are Good Options

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