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How to Cut Back of Hair?

Faq / November 24, 2014

One way to avoid grease (and also not wash your hair) is to just wash the front and dry just that section.I've got something I want to confess, and it's not easy for me to say but I feel like I owe it to you – and everyone else reading this – to come clean. I'm fine. I'm fine, don't worry. I just … I've stopped washing my hair on the reg. I now wash once a week.

"So?" I can hear some of you non-washers shrugging at your screens from here. But I can also sense judgment, so let's turn to an expert for back-up. Celebrity hairdresser Kevin Murphy is cool with it. Well, kind of.

One way to avoid grease (and also not wash your hair) is to just wash the front and dry just that section. Photo: Stocksy

"Washing your hair only once a week is only OK if you have the right hair type and use the right products on the day that you do wash your hair, " he says.

I should state that I have fairly dry hair, and I use a sulphate-free shampoo.

"You need to make sure you really cleanse away impurities and stimulate your scalp when you do wash it, " he says.

"You also need to make sure you brush your hair between washes. Doing that ensures you stimulate the scalp and move the oils away from the follicle, so you don't get any build-up on the scalp.

"I would recommend two to three times a week at a minimum."

OK, look. I used to wash my hair three times a week, but with two kids under three I no longer have that luxury. The difference now, apart from the kids, is that I wear my hair up almost all the time. I'm also a chronic hair-adjuster so if I'm wearing it out, I usually have my hands in it.

I'm locked in a dance of unconsciously putting it behind my ears, realising that makes me look like a dork, then fluffing it up while I casually try to put my hair in front of my ears again. Suffice to say, that generates a lot of grease, which is gross, but also the truth.

But I barely touch it when it's up so already, the scalp grease is at a minimum. If it gets to a point of "Nude Model for Ceramics Class" I have two options. The first is dry shampoo, which is frankly awesome because it adds volume and style and smells as good as any perfume. ANY PERFUME!

The other alternative is to wash just the front. I've done this on days I've been running late for work and don't have time to wash. You stick your head in your basin, wet just the part of your scalp where you'd head-butt a ball, use a teeny amount of shampoo all the way to the ends, then blow dry just that section. The result is Sienna Miller shagginess. A delight.

Hairdresser Joey Scandizzo gets me. "If you cleanse your scalp really well once a week and treat your hair well, washing your hair once a week is OK."

But, he adds, "It's good to not over-wash, but you still need to avoid getting oily build-up on your scalp as this can suffocate hair follicles and weaken hair."

Suffocating follicles is super-dramatic, guys. I mean, I haven't gone so far as to hop on the non-shampoo train and run off to join the "No 'Poo movement".

Have you heard of it? It's where you allow your hair to build to a point of greasy non-return, brush through the grease, then stand back so your hair can reboot itself as nature intended. You can read about it here. If you think it's just for the rose quartz set, you're wrong – it's actually blooming, even with that (ridiculously off-putting) name. These people call themselves No 'Pooers, (Get it? No shampoo? Ugh. I know) and they use everything from baking soda to conditioner to clean their hair.

Well, anyway – that's not what I'm doing. Although, when the No 'Pooers talk about how healthy your hair can become sans shampoo, they're not lying.