Bikini, back, Body, chest and nipples laser hair removal for men

Laser Hair Removal Back Mens

Hair Removal / September 16, 2020

As technology advances in aesthetic medicine, one thing that is here to stay is lasers. Laser hair removal is the most popular laser treatment for both men and women at Larson Family Medicine & Medical Aesthetics in Bellevue, WA and Burien, WA near SeaTac Airport. The skilled master estheticians use the world renowned Alma Lasers for permanent hair reduction

Laser hair removal is the best option for hair removal for men because they often have thicker, coarser body hair than women. Waxing can be irritating, shaving takes a lot of time, and they both cause ingrown hairs and are temporary, time consuming options.

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What areas can laser hair removal treat?

The most popular laser hair removal treatments for men include the back and chest. Other areas of concern include shoulders, and the front and back of the neck, and the chinstrap area for firefighters and military personnel. Virtually any area on the body that has dark hair can be treated for long term hair reduction or removal.

Who can be treated?

Patients who have light complexions and dark hair have the fastest results, but all skin types can be treated. Dark skin type patients can be treated with the ND Yag laser. Alma Lasers hair removal technology has been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method for all skin and hair types.

What does laser hair removal feel like?

The comfortable sweeping in-motion technique of moving the hand piece over the treatment area virtually eliminates pain and removes the need for cooled gels and anesthetics. The cooling comes from the sapphire tip on the handpiece, which increases patient comfort.

Who is laser hair removal good for?

Anyone who wants to reduce the hair on any part of the body or face is a potential candidate! Often men want to achieve a hairless look on the chest, back or shoulders. Many men who have problems with ingrown hairs on the chest, neck and other areas have found laser hair removal to be very helpful. Athletes who compete in running, cycling, swimming and body building often opt for this treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

A small area treatment can take as little as five minutes, while a back or chest treatment usually lasts 45 minutes on average.

How many treatments of laser hair removal will I need?

Every body is different, and every hair type is different. The minimum package we recommend is 8 treatments 6 to 8 weeks apart. Men with coarser, thicker hair may need a few more treatments to achieve their desired hairless look.

What can I expect in an appointment?

Our consultations are free and scheduled one month before the treatment appointment. The master esthetician will discuss how laser hair removal works and how to prepare. Sun exposure must be avoided during the period of treatment. In between treatments patients must avoid waxing or plucking hairs to allow them to grow at a natural rate. Shaving between treatments is the only way to remove hair during the process of hair removal and shaving the day of treatment is mandatory. Our master estheticians are professional and very highly trained to be able to answer any questions..