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MANGROOMER Back Hair Shaver

Self Shaving Your Back / December 20, 2021

I hear this question a lot.

As a barber, men come to me for all kinds of advice, especially about grooming. Though, I'm not in the business to trim your body hair, I can give you some advice on how to trim your body hair and what the best body shavers and men's body trimmers are.

Whether you need a back hair shaver or a trimmer to manscape your pubes, there is a tool for the job.

Can you use your beard trimmer to trim your body hair, too?

Technically yes, but you really don't want to. The beard trimmer won't do as good a job trimming your chest hairs as the best chest hair trimmer will. Your beard trimmer is not meant to handle that kind of duty.

Benefits to manscaping and going hairless

Clean Looking

This is really in the eye of the beholder as some women and men like the hairy look. However, many people do think that hairless looks cleaner.

Less Funky Down There

You will notice that if you keep your pubic hairs trimmed or shaved that your groin is just fresher. You're less likely to have funky smelling junk when you trim or shave your pubes.

Sweat Less/Feel Cooler

When you shave or trim your chest hair down, you will notice that you sweat less. Since your hair traps heat in close to your body, it can make you sweat more. The other side of that coin is that when you do sweat a little, it will help keep you cool. When you get a bit of a breeze in your shirt, it will feel great. You cool right down when there is no hair absorbing the sweat and prohibiting the air from cooling your skin down.

What to look for in a body hair groomer


Look for a body trimmer set that comes with plastic comb attachments. These will allow you to trim to different lengths. If you want to shave to the skin, check to see if it has a foil attachment like an electric razor for your face. You may also want to have the tools needed to clean and maintain your razor to save you money.


Not all trimmer blades are equal. Some can cut through the thickest weeds on your chest and keep ticking. Others will need to be sharpened often if you have thick hair.

Cord or cordless

If you don't have an outlet in your bathroom then make sure you get a cordless trimmer. Cordless trimmers can be just as powerful as a trimmer with a cord, so don't get one with a cord and regret not having the mobility later. With a cord, though, you never have to worry about charging it or that the battery will die on you mid shave.


I'll reiterate here that your beard or head hair trimmer is not meant to do your body grooming. If you want your body hair trimmer to last, then make sure you get one that is specific to the job you want to do. These trimmer will have a harder casing and longer lasting blades.


When you see a long warranty that is a great sign. it means the manufacturer believes enough in its product that they don't worry about you needing to send it in for repairs or replacement long after you bought it. Of course, keep in mind that most warranties will only cover manufacturing defects. If you bring a dry use only trimmer in the shower, for example, you can't get your money back.

Wet or dry

Many body hair razors these days are made to be used wet. If you are shaving down to the skin with a razor, then bring your wet use razor right in with you and save some time and clean up that way. If you are trimming then you will want to use it dry and may not need a wet use trimmer. Consider how you want to use the body trimmer before you decide on one.

What to look for in a body hair trimmer depends first on what part of the body you want to focus on and how much hair you want to remove.

Do you need a good trimmer to groom your chest hairs? Are you looking for a trim or do you want to go with a smooth chest?

The same question applies if you are looking to trim or shave your groin with a trimmer. Some trimmers are body shavers and will go right down to the skin.

So, first decide how long you want the body hair to be and what part of the body. Some body hair groomers can handle your whole body while others are just mean for a certain job.

If you are only looking to shave your legs or arms, then you can get away with a small, inexpensive electric body hair shaver. The hair on your arms and legs is typically less dense than your chest hair and pubes, so you don't need anything high strength.

Tips on using a body groomer for men

Trimming your chest

Most guys that are looking for a good electric body hair groomer are buying it mainly for their chest. If you are looking to shave your chest with an electric body razor, you will first need to trim it so the razor can actually work. This is especially true if you have very thick chest hair.

You can use the trimmer without a comb attachment to get the hair nice and tight and almost to your skin. If you have a trimmer with a foil covered razor attachment then you can use it at this point. If you have chosen a wet use body razor, you can do this part in the shower if you like.

You don't need to use any shaving cream. In fact, I don't recommend it since it gunks up the razor and takes longer to shave.

The beauty of using an electric razor to shave your chest is that you can go against the grain no problem. Just work slowly and evenly across your chest. Start in one area and go with it until you start the next. Kind of like mowing the lawn.

If you are only interested in trimming it down, start with a long comb attachment and see how it looks. You can always make it shorter. You can't put the hair back if it's too short, though!

Shaving your arms and legs

I don't recommend trimming your arms and legs. Leaving stubble just looks funny and frankly is uncomfortable for you and your partner. If you want to have less hair on your arms and legs, make them smooth. Putting on a shirt with stubbly hair on your arms just feels weird. When your loved one rubs your arms, they don't want it to feel scratchy.

This will require some regular maintenance then. You will have to do this at least a couple of times a week, depending on how thick your arm or leg hair is.

Trim your hair down until it is almost to the skin with a body hair clipper with no comb attachment. Then you can use the foil side of the electric razor. If your trimmer has both, then, great. If not then you will need a separate electric razor. One that you would use on your face actually works fine. Your arm and leg hair is usually less dense than your beard.

Shaving or trimming your pubes

One word of warning. You don't want to use an electric razor to shave your balls. Use the trimmer to get the hairs close and then use a good razor. Body razors just don't work on the scrotum. You can use the razor around the shaft, without any issues though.

Just make sure you use the trimmer side first and get the hair down to stubble. Then the razor part of the trimmer can be used to bring it right down to the skin for a smooth groin.

Whether you go smooth or have some stubble you will need to use a body powder to keep things from sticking. Remember, there's going to be a lot of raw skin rubbing down there! I recommend an all natural men's body powder to keep things smooth and fresh down there after you shave.

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