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Faq / October 26, 2022

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Great product. It has a rechargeable battery in it not like the other one I had and extends.

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I've only used it one time, but with it's long adjustable handle, it's so much easier to reach every area of my back. I'm quite happy with this purchase!

Finally I don't have to bother my wife to shave my back! I've only used it once since it just came yesterday but here are some critiques. It is a still a little difficult to get all areas. It reaches well, just difficult to maneuver while trying to see in the mirror. Left a couple scratches but mostly gentle. Very light but not cheap or flimsy. I think it gave a pretty close trim, hard to tell myself. Overall pleased with the product and would recommend.

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Love it. If you're hairy and it's the first time may need to reapeat the process until you get it off.

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Best thing I have ever bought!

Stop working after 2 uses. save your money. Cheap junk

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