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Shave the Back of your Head

Self Shaving Your Back / September 8, 2022

Shaving your head can create a striking look, but unless you do it the correct way, you may end up with a patchy scalp and nicks on your skin. If you’ve never shaved your head before, you probably have most of the tools at hand.

It’s possible to shave your head by yourself the first time, and it gets easier the more you practice, but consider getting an assistant for the first time. Here’s how to shave your head:

2. Find a quiet time when you won’t be interrupted. Bring a comfortable stool into the bathroom and lock the door.

3. Trim off as much hair as possible with a pair of scissors. This is most important if you have very long or thick hair. You’ll save time and avoid clogging the trimmer if you remove the bulk of your hair ahead of time. If your hair is extremely long, consider cutting off the ponytail and donating it to or another cancer charity.

4. Buzz your head with an electric hair trimmer. Use a medium spacer for the first pass, then change to a closer spacer for a very tight shave. Trim the hair as close to the scalp as possible.

6. Fill the sink with warm water. Put a new blade in your razor, or uncap a new disposable razor. Begin shaving at the forehead and move in slow strokes toward the back of your head. Shave one stripe, then rinse the blade, much like shaving your face. Move down one side of your head until you reach above the ear, then do the other half. Shave the back of your head from the nape of your neck up to the top of your head. This is where an assistant will most come in handy the first time you try this.

7. Rinse your head and inspect it to make sure it is completely smooth. Run your hand all over your head to feel for stray bristles. Pay attention to the condition of your scalp at this time.