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Groupon Laser Hair Removal San Francisco

Faq / August 11, 2021

His compassion and dedication to his patients and the Burn Center is nothing short of remarkable.

"My journey began October 13 when I was faced with the toughest decision in my entire life. My husband was in a terrible accident and burned over 73 percent of his body, all third degree. After receiving the unimaginable news he was not going to make it, they told me and my children to say goodbye. I asked for a second opinion and this where our paths crossed with Dr. DeWeese.

Not only is he a brilliant doctor, but one of the best men we have ever met. His compassion and dedication to his patients and the Burn Center is nothing short of remarkable. After 18 surgeries my husband is home and continues to improve with Dr. DeWeese right by our side, every step of the way. Dr. DeWeese saves lives daily at the Bothin Burn Center at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.

So if you are waiting an extra 5 minutes for him, remember this man is busy SAVING LIVES!! I cannot tell you the amount of debt and gratitude I feel towards Dr. DeWeese. If you are a burn patient or in need of plastic surgery go see this incredible doctor, he will not disappoint you."

โ€“ Cindy M.

Went in today for my first session of laser hair removal. The nurse who did my laser was very informative, quick and really nice. It went a lot more smoothly than expected. So far no complaints :)"

โ€“ Mel B.

I bought a Groupon deal for laser hair removal and started treatment couple of months ago. My experience this far has been nothing short of stellar. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and so is the doctor. I will definitely be using their services again.

โ€“ Sara H.

Love them had eye lash extensions done and I am totally amazed. So relaxing and the staff we're great. 100% recommend them.

โ€“ Adrienne V.

I HIGHLY recommend Looking Glass Plastic Surgery.

"Fantastic results from Dr. DeWeese! I HIGHLY recommend Looking Glass Plastic Surgery. I recently had laser lipolysis of the neck and fractional CO2 resurfacing, along with Botox and Restylane. From the complete consultation, to the procedure, and to follow-up after, I was taken care of with great care, compassion and professionalism. The process and the results were exactly as described by the doctor; no surprises, very little discomfort (really), and healing as expected. This expert really knows skin and accurately sets your expectations up front. He and his staff have the latest technology, as well as old-fashioned patient bed-side manners! They also have the latest products and knowledge on how to continue taking care of yourself after healing. The entire experience has left me feeling extremely positive and upbeat; I was recently told that I "have the eyes of a 20 year old!" That is quite a compliment for a 58 year old guy!! So run don't walk to Dr. DeWeese; you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!"