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Most Effective Laser for Hair Removal

Hair Removal / January 3, 2022

02G31452Laser hair removal was first approved by the FDA in 1997. Over the course of the last few decades the technology has advanced dramatically. Now there are a variety of machines that are made for general use as well as specific hair removal.

Just about any area of the body can be treated with laser hair removal machines, but which areas are most effective? That’s a question we get a lot at Cadiz Laser Spa. Generally it comes down to how dark, thick and/or coarse the hair is that’s being treated.

Every person is unique, and most areas will get great results with enough treatments. If your top priority is seeing dramatic hair reduction in the shortest time possible, here are a few areas to consider.


The underarms are one body part that women almost always shave, sometimes every single day. This makes the underarms a great area for laser hair removal. Clients also like that the underarms respond to laser hair removal very quickly. It’s not uncommon to see visible hair reduction after just a few treatments. A residual benefit of removing hair in the underarm region is having a more even skin tone.

Bikini Line

The higher the contrast is between the color of your skin and the pigment of the hair the better the results will be. The bikini area doesn’t see much sun, especially during the fall and winter. Since the skin tends to be paler and the hair tends to be darker the bikini area typically responds very well to laser hair removal machines. After six monthly treatments most clients are extremely pleased with the dramatic hair reduction.

Lower Leg

Hair on the lower leg is often thicker compared to other areas. That helps to make laser treatments more effective because there’s more melanin to target beneath the skin. In our experience most clients see significant hair removal after just three treatments to the lower legs.

Of course, the effectiveness of laser hair removal also depends on the machine used and the skill of the aesthetician. At Cadiz Laser Spa our laser hair removal aestheticians are thoroughly trained in the use of our Candela Alexandrite and Yag lasers. We can help you save a lot of time, money and aggravation by getting rid of unwanted hair for good.

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