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Permanent Hair Removal Laser at Home

Hair Removal / March 12, 2021

Laser Hair Removal Featured imageWaxing Lyrical and Some Early Shavings

If you get tired of shaving, waxing and plucking, and don’t we all!, Looking for a permanent solution to de-fuzzing? Then laser hair removal seems a pretty seductive option.

Well I took the plunge a while ago; and bought my first laser hair removal device. I knew there was technology out there at the dermatologists clinic, but that was way beyond my financial reach. But finally I found some laser hair removal systems for home use, but for me they too seemed expensive. I suppose I was exited about the prospect of treating myself at home but a little frightened at the same time about the cost, and would they work.

Anyway I guess frustration finally got the better of me and one day, wham I bought one. Since then tons of different products are on the market, and I am actually on my second device, my much loved Tria x4. Anyway there is so many devices on sale now, conflicting reports, and what I consider mis-information.

So when I was asked to write an article to share with you what I learned on my journey so far with laser hair removal I jumped at the chance. Even is it was just to dispel some myths and bogus claims. I hope this post helps you to understand about home lasers and if home laser hair removal is right for you. There is a guide you to some of the best devices currently available to help you to the best treatment outcome possible.

Anyway summer is nearly on us. and thank heavens. But that means public de-robing and everything that goes with it. If I am going to let it all hang out, then at least I want it to hang out smooth.

Laser Hair Removal Guide
Advice and tips for buying and using a Laser Hair Removal Device.

So I’ve got a whole list of beauty treatments I think about when summer approaches. Maybe somewhere towards the top is getting rid of of all that fuzz growing where the sun does not shine in the winter! Now it’s summer, well lets face it, its just got to go.

I know that all the big mens razor manufacturers have made razors just for us girlie girls. But their pretty colours and curvy shapes don’t make the hassle of shaving any easier or more interesting. Most women do spend a lot, and I mean a lot of time and money on removing body hair. What ever your thoughts on female body hair, the truth is most of us don’t want it.

Top inbed laser hair removalWell until quite recently, laser hair removal had been the exclusive domain of beauty salons and dermatologists. The high treatment price tag meant it was well and truly out of reach for me. It was just for the lucky few who could afford it. The thing with laser hair removal is that it does require multiple treatments and most often follow up maintenance treatments too. Multiple treatments means multiplying costs.

If it was a one or even two visit solution then it might be an option. But trust me it isn’t. Going to a clinic mostly needs a bag full of money, and a ton of precious time.

The problem you see, predictably, is the hair itself. and what stage of growth it is in, to whether treatment will succeed quickly or not. But I am going to explain that in a bit more detail further on.

Ok problems and hassle you have heard enough about. This article is about possible solutions, and the huge difference that home laser hair devices have made to our beauty regimes.

Home use laser hair removal systems have now been available for a few years, and they are great. Lets find out some more.


The principle behind it is called selective photothermolysis, but don’t worry about that. It is a pretty simple process with a fancy title.

Hair removal lasers effectively destroy hair without damaging any of the surrounding skin. They selectively heat just the dark target hair follicles. Light and heat is absorbed easily by dark materials or objects you see. ( we all know not to wear black in the summer or else we’ll bake, right?) The laser heat then will effectively disable the hair follicle and stop it growing back.

iluminage touch laser Hair removalSimple right? Well not quite. There are a few issues with the process. For most, but not all lasers to work properly and efficiently there needs to be a good contrast between the hair follicle and skin colour so the laser can target the follicle.


Lets look at the skin tones and hair colours that are most suited to using laser hair removal devices. We are looking for a good contrast in colour between dark follicle and surrounding skin. Don’t expect to be an exact match on the charts of course, they are just a guide line. And thank goodness there are many shades of us in between!!

Because the laser looks for dark follicles white, grey and red hair colours are not suitable for most devices. There is an exceptional device mentioned below that treats all shades of hair and skin. So read on please.


The brown and dark skin colours are not normally suitable for treatment. But carry on reading for some good news. From light through to olive have good treatment outcomes,


Unfortunately blondes, red heads and silver to white hair hair owners are not suitable for treatment from most devices.

So the “ideal” candidate for most types of home treatment laser devices is going to be a pale skinned, black haired person. But luckily it still works great on various other skin shades and hair colours. I have provided the handy chart to see if your skin type and hair colour is compatible with this type of laser treatment. It basically shows that blondes, redheads and silver foxes are out of luck with this type of treatment. From light brown hair through to black it works great.


Disappointingly most home don’t work on darker skin colours and lighter hair. But I carefully researched all of the best available devices and found the of devices which are to be able to be used on all skin colours and hues, as well as all hair colours.The technique for tackling light hair colours is rather different than I have written below in as it requires waxing before using the device. It seems to be a brilliant breakthrough.


A final minor complication to the treatment, predictably, is the hair itself. The treatment works best on hair that is actively growing. Well thats all my hair you might think. Not so. There are three life phases our hair goes through before it naturally falls out. With our laser treatment we need to catch it in the growth phase. Thats another good reason why self administered treatment at home is a great idea. I write a little more on the growth phase further on.


So you have checked your skin type and made your decision to buy. Wise decision. I am super happy with my but more of that later. Whatever model you have chosen here are a few tips I have picked up when using mine.

First lets not forget this a dermatological treatment that has been approved for home use, and you that you have got a laser in your hand. Don’t worry it’s quite safe, but there are certain things you must be aware of for the best treatment outcome.

Do shave the area you are going to treat the day before, and make sure it is nice and clean. I advise to use a new razor too to avoid picking up and bacteria from an old used razor

If you have recently waxed then you are going to have to wait at least 4-6 weeks before treatment. There has got to be a significant follicle there for the laser to target you see. The same applies to tweezers, if you’ve tugged your hair out then you’ll have to wait too.