Pros and Cons of Tweezing, Threading, Waxing, or Shaving Facial

Threading Facial Hair Grow Back Thicker

Faq / March 3, 2023

Threading is an ancient form of hair removal, originating from the middle east, and we believe it started from the time of Cleopatra! it is a 100% natural form of hair removal performed on the eyebrows and face (and also after sugaring to get rid of those pesky stray hairs!). The threading specialist takes a piece of 100% cotton thread, twirls it around the fingers and is able to remove the targeted hair from the root. Eyebrows can be shaped to absolute perfection, and face can be perfectly de-fuzzed, leaving you hairless and happy!

Threading can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on your personal hair growth. Since threading removes the hair from the root, it lasts longer than other forms of hair removal such as tweezing or shaving.

Normally clients wait anywhere between 2-4 weeks for threading sessions. However, all this depends on your personal hair growth and what you feel comfortable with! Threading removes the tiniest and finest of hairs so even if you need to come in for a quick clean-up before a party, or just to keep yourself looking ultra fabulous, you can come in as often as you’d like!

No, we do not recommend tweezing between threading sessions. Threading slows down and reduces hair growth. hair also grows much thinner thus making it easier to remove and less painful when threaded. Tweezing just one time in between will reverse all that is achieved from threading and can further irritate follicles which can cause hair to become ingrown, coarser, and darker.

3-4 weeks at least is recommended. It takes time for the hair to grow out each of the 3 cycles. If you come in prematurely you may not achieve a desirable result.

No, your hair will never grow in thicker or darker after threading. Since threading removes the hair from the root, your hair will become finer over time.

Yes, threading can be performed, and is the preferred method for hair removal on the face. It is a 100% natural, non-abrasive form of hair removal, so you’ll never have to worry about burning, pigmentation, or pulling on your skin!